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MUT Mobile Account

Madden Overdrive: Everything you need to know

With the NFL preseason well underway, the NFL's premier mobile football game is showing life today. Madden Mobile has been updated for the 2018 season, but don't panic if you can't find it in your phone — it's now called Madden Overdrive.

Madden Overdrive, the highly anticipated update to EA’s Madden NFL Mobile game, has arrived – one day earlier than originally announced. The release of the update, which effectively transforms and replaces what was formerly Madden NFL Mobile, caught many by surprise as it was originally expected to go live on August 15. Whatever the reason for its early release, you can now download the update and experience the revamped mobile version of EA’s popular football game.

Madden Overdrive is all about building up a team of players and competing against others. You acquire players and coaches via several different means, and you'll take that team into real-time head-to-head matchups against real opponents. Players will have a variety of ways to earn in-game items, including daily and weekly events, challenges, and by acquiring players through an auction house or from player packs. Aside from an all-new head-to-head mode, Madden Overdrive will see the return of League Play, which allows you to play a full season of games against other players' teams. Take your team far enough and you could win the Super Bowl for big-time rewards.

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