3 improvements that would make Animal Crossing: New Horizons even better

Now that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has had some time to marinate with its audience, the community has honed in on key features that would make it even better. These range from large overhauls of existing mechanics to the implementation of new ideas altogether. Although this entry has streamlined many fan-favorite features, some mechanics could still be improved upon with a few tweaks. This list compiles three fixes and improvements that could be added to make New Horizons even more enjoyable.

Tool degradation meter
Tools are the backbone of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Without them, you’d be unable to chop trees to gather wood, collect bugs, go fishing, or dig up fossils. However, your tools don’t last forever. Most of them have limited uses and will break after a while. This mechanic is common in similar games, but what’s missing in New Horizons is some sort of meter letting you know how close your item is to breaking. A literal meter next to each item would suffice, or even visual degradation to the item itself, which would deteriorate as you use it. Having such a system in place would make it easier to prepare — whether you’re on your own island or venturing to another.

Ability to purchase different items in larger quantities
An overarching theme with New Horizons’ issues has to do with a general lack of efficiency. While this entry has greatly improved upon its predecessors in many aspects, there are lots of mechanics that could be made even more efficient. For instance, the buying process could use some work. You currently can only buy one item at a time, whether you’re at Nook’s Cranny or using Nook Miles in Resident Services. There are certain items that you’re allowed to buy in bulk, but these are limited to only five.

Eliminate/improve constant loading screens in multiplayer
Every time a friend visits your island, a hefty loading screen appears, stopping you in your tracks and showing the progress of their journey. It’s cute once or twice, but its charm starts to wear off quickly. To make matters worse, if you’re a visitor, you have a similar loading screen to sit through while traveling to and from an island. When you multiply that by seven possible visitors — all of whom have to wait for the loading screen to finish before continuing — it becomes nearly impossible to walk, let alone enjoy your visit. It’s unclear if the loading screen is in place due to technical limitations, but surely something can be done to at least speed things up. If you’ve ever been invited to an island to sell turnips at a high price, you’ll know just how chaotic things can get when players are constantly coming and going.

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