Animal Crossing: Everything Hidden In The New Summer Update Trailer

Animal Crossing: New Horizons's new update trailer features fireworks, dreaming, and backup saves, but here are some details players may have missed.

The latest update trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons just released, announcing some highly anticipated features. The most notable are the fireworks event and the ability to visit other players’ islands via dreaming. The new Animal Crossing trailer also announces a backup and restoration feature as well as a promise for a new update set to release sometime this fall.

Firework shows will be available each Sunday in August, allowing non time-travelers the opportunity to witness a display up to 5 times for August 2020. New items such as balloons, party poppers, sparklers, and headgear boppers will also enhance this summer festivity. The introduction of Luna and dreaming to visit other players’ islands is probably the most exciting new update — something Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans have been missing since New Horizons released in March 2020.

There are some details worth going into that may not have been apparent from the initial viewing of the trailer. Fans of previous Animal Crossing games may have the upper hand in noticing these details as this new content is reminiscent of New Leaf in particular.

Redd is seen standing beside his fireworks stall, introducing Redd’s Raffle. New Leaf fans will note the similarities to Redd’s appearance at the fireworks event in New Leaf, where he sells fortune cookies from his cookie stand. Previously, players could redeem cookie fortunes for prizes, or in some cases--duds. This may shed some light on how the raffle system will work in New Horizons, and players should be prepared to be scammed by Redd once again. There is also a green garbage bin by the stall, which seems to encourage players to throw away their used fireworks.
Isabelle Is Outside!
With the exception of commemorative photos taken after construction completion, Isabelle never seems to leave the Resident Service building. In the trailer, she is seen standing beside the building in the plaza, sporting some yellow star head boppers.

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