Animal Crossing hacker gives out free Raymonds to fight black market

The fervor around Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Raymond is so potent that for some people enjoying the game, the whole thing has evolved past mere enthusiasm and shifted into something darker. For content creator PokéNinja, watching people give out hundreds of Nook Miles tickets, or forking over real money just to have a smug cat in their village, felt deeply wrong.

“When you’re a father and you see certain things happening,” PokéNinja told Polygon in a private Twitter message, “It hits a little differently sometimes.”

While New Horizons has broken into the mainstream, it also holds a unique appeal to children, who love its cast of bright and quirky animal friends. And with a growing economy where virtual items are being sold for actual tender, the temptation to buy whatever you covet is a constant one — especially when the alternative is spending dozens of hours grinding Mystery Island visits for a tiny chance of getting the villager you want.

“I kind of envision these kids begging their parents for the most popular villager in the game, and I know there are many parents (especially now) that simply can’t afford to do that,” PokéNinja mused.

And so the content creator hatched a plan. Using a save editor running a hacked version of the game, PokéNinja decided to just ... materialize as many Raymonds as he could. While it’s not possible to import the feline via the use of amiibo, there are no such restrictions in a save editor, which allows you to generate anything that’s in the game. He then put out a call on social media, letting people know that if they wanted Raymond, they could have him.

No catch. No need to follow or share the message announcing the giveaway. No bells or Nook Miles Ticket required. If you expressed interest and had an empty lot for him, Raymond could be yours.

Within a span of about 12 hours, PokéNinja estimates that about 50 people responded to his post. The group spanned players who had spent ages trying to find Raymond to no avail, to even one player who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with her biggest dreamie.

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