Animal Crossing: Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Turkey Day in New Horizons

Turkey Day is finally here in Animal Crossing: New Horizons after the winter update recently added new events for November and December. Players have a lot of cooking and a bit of prep work to do by participating in the event to acquire many limited-time items as rewards.

How Turkey Day works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
It is November 26 today, and Franklin, the turkey special character, has arrived at the New Horizons island for the first time, kicking off an entirely new event. He is here to celebrate Turkey Day and host a massive feast in honor of Thanksgiving. Players of previous Animal Crossing games may know this event better as the Harvest Festival.

Turkey Day is now live for players in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and it runs from 9 am through to midnight. The event runs for a single day, but the best part about it is that there are alternative ways to obtain the limited-time items even after Turkey Day is over.

Franklin has set up in the Resident Services front yard from 9 am on November 26. He will prepare four different dishes for the island’s residents. It is the player who will help him by delivering the required ingredients from around the islands.

To start with the event, simply approach Franklin. He will ask you to assist in locating the specific ingredients needed for each dish. After you gather them and hand them over to Franklin, he can begin cooking the dish. This will award you with a Turkey Day item from the new limited-time furniture set. The primary objective is to repeat this process for all four dishes, therefore unlocking new rewards along the way.

To make things more interesting, Franklin will ask for a secret ingredient after completing each dish to add an extra spark to it. Providing him with the suitable ingredient unlocks even more Turkey Day items. Moreover, the villagers will help you figure out the secret ingredients during the event.

Villagers help in providing ingredients for the Turkey Day feast
The ingredients that Franklin requires come from around the islands, including pumpkins and several types of fish and deep-sea creatures. Franklin will tell you all the ingredients he needs for cooking a particular dish, except the secret ingredient.

It is important to note that some ingredients will be harder to find than others. If you provide the villagers with a suitable ingredient for their own cooking, they will trade one of the ingredients for Franklin’s dishes with you. Moreover, they will give certain clues for the secret ingredient for a particular dish.

Therefore, visiting and speaking with villagers inside their houses is a good alternative to track down the rare ingredients. Typically, the villagers will ask for different types of fish, which might vary for players in both hemispheres.

Turkey Day dishes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The four dishes that Franklin will need help cooking throughout the day include the following:

Clam chowder.
Pumpkin pie.
Fish meuniere.

Each of these dishes has its own set of ingredients. Once you gather the correct ingredients needed for the current dish, deliver them to Franklin for cooking. He will then reward you with an exclusive Turkey Day item.

After the dish is fully prepared, Franklin will then ask for a secret ingredient to make it sparkle. Handing over the correct ingredient to him will earn you a bonus item. Repeat this process for all four dishes to collect a bunch of limited-time Turkey Day items.

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