Animal Crossing: New Horizons: A New Accessory

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has come out with regular updates to maintain the enthusiasm they have created. However, this time, it’s not a bug fix or a change in your island. A new accessory has been revealed and it will sweep you off your feet.

PowerA has collaborated with Nintendo Switch to announce this new update. PowerA will be releasing two specially themed Animal Crossing: New Horizons controllers. They will have a theme based on the game and is officially licensed by Nintendo. There are two options to choose from. For those of you who feel that a controller is a preferred choice, your wish has just been granted. They are also licensed by Nintendo so it provides credibility to the product.

The controller will be priced at $49.99. There are two designs to choose from. One, Timmy and Tommy, featuring green buttons and a green leaf pattern background. Two, K.K. Slider featuring brown buttons and an item pattern background.

PowerA has managed to squeeze in some interesting features that will enhance your gaming experience. The controllers will also give you over 30 hours of gameplay on a full set of AA batteries. However, this means that they will eliminate the use of USB cables or any other wire for that matter. This is a matter of preference. But we will wait to find out how things pan out. Moreover, this does mean that they will support Bluetooth 5.1 that will give you wireless gaming experience.

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