Animal Crossing: New Horizons--Check Out These Lara Croft Outfits Created By The Tomb Raider Developers

It feels like everyone is playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now, and that includes many of the developers at Crystal Dynamics, the team behind the most recent Tomb Raider games. In fact, some members of the Tomb Raider team have created outfits for your Animal Crossing character, so you can dress up as three different eras of Lara Croft.
The official Tomb Raider Tumblr has posted creator codes for three custom tops--one based on her original design, one for Angel of Darkness, and one for the 2013 reboot. You can dress your character up as your favorite incantation of the Tomb Raider.

Here are the other parts you'll need to complete each outfit and really capture those Tomb Raider vibes.
*Classic: Custom Top, Explorer Shorts (Default), Lace-up Boots (Brown), Optional - Tiny Shades (Red)
*Angel of Darkness: Custom Top, Camo Pants (Default), Steel-Toe Boots (Brown)
*Tomb Raider (2013): Custom Top, Torn Pants (Brown) or Slacks (Beige), Recycled Boots, Bandage

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