Animal Crossing’s ‘kicking out ugly villagers’ phenomenon

WhenWhen Jessica G. first met Cesar the cranky gorilla in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, his deep voice startled her. She’s used to playing with characters who have high-pitched voices, so she wasn’t expecting the ape, who is named after the famous emperor, to sound like that. But it wasn’t until he turned around that she truly started feeling uncomfortable.
“His whole orange butt is out and about,” she tells Polygon.
Or, as she put it to her friends in Discord, “I know a lot of them don’t wear pants but [you] can see his orange booty cheeks and I don’t like it!!!!!!”
Jessica has played previous Animal Crossing games, but had never considered getting rid of anyone because of the way they look. With Cesar, that’s changing — she hopes to move him out of her island one day. Partially, Jessica wants to keep a healthy mix of different personality types on her island. But it’s totally the butt thing, too.
And why not? While moving, exchanging, and finding new Animal Crossing characters has been possible throughout different iterations of the life simulator, New Horizons makes it easier than ever.
If you have amiibo cards or toys, you can scan them into New Horizons and use them to convince members of your populace to move out. The new Mystery Island feature, which allows you to explore areas that sometimes contain recruitable characters, has also encouraged a culture of “hunting” your favorite characters, rather than settling for whatever New Horizons throws your way.
“There are a limited range of animal species available in the game, and let’s face it, they are not all created equal,” says Animal Crossing devotee Tom S.
The changing nature of the series has also shifted the culture to become pickier about what characters fill up your town. New Horizon’s unprecedented level of customization, like terraforming, led Rebecca M. to think more about what else could finesse within the game.
“Now that I can meticulously plan every inch of my island, crafting my own experience and expressing myself through city planning, I am a lot more bothered by seeing villagers who don’t match my vision,” Rebecca says.
The sentiment appears to be widespread among Animal Crossing fans. On TikTok, where the idyllic game has nearly two billion views, one common content format sees players recording their reactions when they go Mystery Island hopping. Screams of joy ensue when players find a cute character.
But the clips often show fans going from island to island, only finding “undesirables” that do not live up to their standards. Sometimes, when fans lay eyes on what they consider particularly “ugly” villagers, they’ll turn around and immediately hop back onto the sea plane.

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