Escape from Tarkov Devs Reveal New Map; Shroud Reacts

Escape from Tarkov, the indie MMO first-person shooter, is expected to release later this year. With hardcore and realistic combat, this game is really unique because of the amalgamation of PvP, PvE, MMORPG, and battle royale elements. This game is like a savage upgrade of the Battle Royale genre.

The closed beta version of the game is still online since 2017, accessible to all the players, no matter what pre-order edition(there are 4) they bought. Battlestate Games, the developers for this game, have released a new trailer for the game featuring a new map. The “Streets of Tarkov” map had been previously confirmed by the devs.

Shroud reacted to this new map calling it “rad” and admitting he absolutely loves the graphics. He says that he really likes the idea of the buildings all around and that this will be the perfect setting for some intense gameplay. Shroud also comments that the door-opening animation has changed, and the game now shows the player’s hand opening the door.
The Streets of Tarkov
In an interview with the PC Gaming show, developer Nikita Buyanov of Battlestate Games said that this map is going to be the biggest and the most detailed location in the game. This map is in stark contrast with the other maps in the game.

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