Escape From Tarkov: How to Survive After The Wipe

It’s finally wipe time! After Escape from Tarkov’s Twitch push earlier this year, lots of players jumped into raids and gave the game’s popularity a big boost. However, this influx of players came at a point where the more experienced players had months of progress in their stashes and were toting thermal scopes, laser-accurate assault rifles and so much gear they could outfit a small army. In the face of that, it was hard for the new players to find their feet. Now Tarkov is on an even playing field after one of the game's infrequent wipes has reset everyone to zero, resetting all progress. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to jump in, this is the best chance you’ll get for a while. This guide will help players get a good start in this fresh world, as well as help out those who’ve burned through all their gear and are flat broke.
Fighting players is always one of the toughest parts of Escape From Tarkov’s combat. Knowing the limits of your opponents is helpful but keeping track of them is critical. Sound is your most essential tool. Learning the different noises and what they mean can give you all the information you need to take on other players. Gunshots are all unique and can tell you what offensive firepower they have brought, as well as a good idea of their location. You can hear the ground they're walking on, with metal, wood, and concrete all having unique sounds to help you pinpoint their location without exposing yourself. Even smaller sounds such as crouching, aiming down sights, and swapping weapons have unique sounds associated to keep you informed of their intentions.
Always be aware of your own equipment, if your armour is trashed, or your weapon does not have great range, be prepared to fall back and relocate to give yourself the best opportunity for success. If you have been injured then it’s likely your opponent is about to push in and try to finish you off, so always reposition to throw your enemy off and get the drop on them.
The combat itself is simple, line the enemy in your sights and pull the trigger, as fast as you can control the recoil. Most of the art of fighting players is in putting yourself in the right position to take them out without them getting a shot on you. If they're behind a wall or in cove

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