Fallout 76 Maintenance Patches Out New Exploit

Fallout 76 went down for maintenance not long ago for a brief period of maintenance to take care of an exploit. The maintenance didn’t take place at the most opportune time since it happened right at the start of the weekend, but the exploit that’s supposedly been fixed is one that players will likely be happy is gone. Bethesda didn’t explicitly say what had been fixed, but based on comments from members of the community, it looks like players had found another duping exploit.
The maintenance was announced on Twitter and through the Bethesda forums with the unspecified exploit said to be the target of the work. It only took around an hour and a half to fix the problem, so Fallout 76 players weren’t blocked out for too long.
It’s not uncommon for exploits to go unnamed so that players don’t start looking for similar ways to recreate the patched-out exploit, but many players already knew what was going on. Head into the comments of the tweet from the Bethesda Support Twitter account that gave updates on the maintenance and you’ll comments about people finding a new item-duplicating exploit.
Item duping has been a problem in Fallout 76 for a while now, and Bethesda has a history of going after these exploits and those who use them. Some people suggested this new exploit had to do with the Vending Machines that were recently added which would make sense since the maintenance was conducted just a few days after the feature was added in a big update. Whatever the problem might’ve been, it doesn’t look like it’s in the game anymore assuming the maintenance was indeed successful.
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