Fallout 76 Player Recreates DOOM's First Level In Appalachian Wasteland

In keeping with first-person shooter tradition, a loyal Fallout 76 fan has recreated the original DOOM's iconic E1M1 level as a custom vault build.

An ambitious Fallout 76 player has transformed the Appalachian Wasteland into a tribute to the original DOOM. The recreation of the classic title's first level is the latest tribute in an ongoing gamer tradition in which players and developers recreate the infamous E1M1 level in first-person shooters that offer creative building modes and map editors.

DOOM was considered a landmark in video gaming and an early pioneer of the first-person-shooter genre - it's now widely considered to be one of the best video games of all time, with subsequent FPS titles being referred to as "DOOM clones" for years. On the other end of the spectrum, Fallout 76 was born into a well-established and popular franchise, but was critically slammed for a litany of technical problems, gameplay issues, and an overall unpolished finish. But Bethesda has worked hard to bring Fallout 76 up to scratch, and its vault construction options coupled with the lasting legacy of DOOM meant that the two were destined to eventually coincide when the right fan came along.

Enter a Fallout 76 player with a rather colorful Twitter handle, who recreated the original first level of DOOM as a Fallout 76 custom vault, and filmed the setup with the appropriate soundtrack and menu effects. The result is surprisingly cohesive, largely thanks to the two titles' similar first-person shooter mechanics and camera. While DOOM's original enemies had to be swapped out for humans due to Fallout 76's notable lack of demons and aliens, hardcore fans of the legendary first-person title will immediately recognize the level, even if the background music didn't automatically give it away.

E1M1 is a level that has kept its place in gaming history and tradition, and recreations have popped up in games over the past few years that offer map editors, both as an homage to the title and as a test of the editor's creative prowess. The Fallout 76 recreation joins ranks that include Quake, Doom 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Half-Life, and more recently, No Man's Sky, games that have certainly made their mark on the genre (for better or for worse).

So while a recreation isn't exactly new for DOOM, it is nice to see Fallout 76 getting some attention, even with a little fan-made video and homage to a far more successful game, because it shows that Bethesda's attempts to transform the game into something worthy of its pedigree haven't gone unnoticed by the Fallout community. And although the game remains far from perfect, the homage to E1M1 at the very least shows that Fallout 76 has a creative building capability that is worthy of continuing a longstanding tradition.

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