FIFA 20 Career Mode: new transfer system, player manager mode & more

Career Mode is the OG mode for many in the FIFA series, but it's about time your managerial journey got a revamp for FIFA 20.

Career Mode will always trail behind Ultimate Team when it comes to development in the FIFA franchise, but let’s hope for some improvement on FIFA 20. The old-school FIFA players love Career Mode, setting up with their favourite club on the game or embarking on a journey taking a League Two club all the way to the Champions League. It’s high-time these loyal fans were repaid with some new features, or revisiting things from yesteryear. 

Transfer deals

Something that is becoming more common in real life football, is deals being agreed outside of transfer windows, with players joining their new clubs when the next transfer window opens. Think Ajax’s Frenkie de Jong, who is on his way to Barcelona in the summer. Doing this can help use some of that transfer budget and prize money that goes to waste when the season ends.

Adjust ticket prices

Older FIFA versions had an adjust ticket prices feature, meaning that if you were playing well or had a big match coming up, you could raise the prices knowing the game would sell out. Conversely, if you are playing poorly, you can lower the prices to ensure you get more fans into the stadium. 

Player manager mode

The player manager feature was arguably better than the other two Career Mode options, with you being allowed to both manage the team and have your star man on the field. It is a rarity in real life, although Vincent Kompany is taking up the position for Anderlecht next season. Who cares though when you’re bending in free kicks with and making smart tactical adjustments.

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