Fortnite Wilde starter pack leaked via data miners

A new Fortnite starter pack has leaked via data miners. The Wilde starter pack features a new female skin, back bling, and some V-Bucks. This upcoming starter pack will presumably replace the current Laguna pack that was introduced in season eight.

The Wilde starter pack was revealed via well-known leakers FortniteBR and Kleinmike on Twitter. The starter pack appeared in the game’s files after the launch of patch 9.10 yesterday. A similar situation happened last season when the current Laguna starter pack leaked at the launch of patch 8.10 before releasing soon after.

Epic Games has released a new pack each season for the last few seasons now so this is no surprise. It offers players the chance to get a quality skin for much cheaper than usual price plus V-Bucks that typically equal roughly how much you pay. The Laguna pack, for instance, gives you a free skin, back bling, and 600 V-Bucks for $4.99.

That is a great deal considering it would normally cost $4.99 for just 500 V-Bucks. You are, basically, getting 100 V-Bucks, the skin, and back bling for free as a bonus. Every previous starter pack has done this so the leaked Wilde starter pack will likely do the same. This is one way to get V-Bucks towards purchasing the season nine battle pass if you haven’t bought it yet.

The Wilde skin is a new female skin that features a fur coat, hence, the pun name. The back bling is a large camping backpack with a large machete attached to it, continuing the “wild” theme. As with leaks like this one, you can expect it to release in the item shop soon.

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