Gamerusher Madden 19 News and Guide : The Best Defensive Playbook Guide

It's hard to rely on your defence with Madden 19 geared towards scoring a lot of points very quickly, but a solid defensive playbook is something you'll always need if you want to stop your opponent's offense in their tracks. In this Madden 19 defensive playbook guide, we'll be detailing the single playbook that is, in our opinion, the best Madden 19 defensive playbook on offer in the entire game.

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Madden 19 Best Defensive Playbook

So far in our time with Madden 19, we think that the best defensive playbook in the entire game belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles. After all, this was the defense that the Eagles relied upon in their Super Bowl run last year. Just below, you’ll find a complete list of all the defensive money plays that you can use with this playbook.

4-3: Cover 6 - This play is a great one for some lockdown coverage. You’ll want to control the corner on the right of the field, and basically patrol that side of the field, since zones can take care of the left.

Madden NFL 19

4-4: Monster Green - Although this is a blitz play, it doesn’t leave you exposed in the backfield. We’d recommend controlling the middle linebacker, and try to support the purple coverage zones to either side of you.

Big Nickel: Cover 6 Invert - Just like the previous Cover 6 play, this is another fantastic play for some zones that spread right across the field.

Madden NFL 19

Big Nickel: Cover Contain 2 - This is a solid play to select if you need blanket coverage of the field. It’s also a good play to choose if you’re playing someone who likes to take off and run downfield with the QB, since it has that contain zone in the middle.

Dime: Cover 3 Buzz Match - This is a great coverage play from the Dime formation, and in case you’re unaware, the Dime formation always prioritises cornerbacks on the field, over linebackers.

Dime: Fox Fire Zone Press - If you can move the blitzing cornerback down to the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped, this should be an excellent blitz play for you.

Dime: 3 Double Sky - The same applies for this play, except this time you’ll have two blitzing cornerbacks to move down to the line. We’d recommend controlling one of the safeties that cover either side of the field.

Madden NFL 19

This is the conclusion of our best Madden 19 defensive playbook guide, but we’ll be adding to the list above whenever we uncover any new defensive plays from the Eagles playbook. Now though, you can check out our best Madden 19 offensive playbook guide, where we list out the very best plays from the Patriots offensive playbook.

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