Gamerusher Madden 19 News - Week 1 roster update released: Biggest winners and losers

The Week 1 roster update has been released in Madden 19. Find out who increased and decreased in ratings as a result of their real-life performance.
EA has stealthily dropped the week one roster update for Madden 19. Like last week, the update arrived just hours before the Thursday night kickoff. Despite technically arriving in week two of the NFL season, the update adjust player overall based on their week one performances.

You can find the complete list of rating changes over on EA’s player rating database. Before we get into week one’s “big movers,” you’ll notice that not every player who had a monstrous game (or poor game) had their ratings adjusted. This is especially true for younger players, like James Conner, who rushed for 135 yards and two touchdowns for the Steelers against the Browns.

As briefly explained by EA’s “Equipment_Guru,” he – along with actual NFL veterans who have provided him with feedback – believe it “makes so much more sense to have them earn it.” In other words, they have to perform at a high level on a consistent basis. Or have the track record to prove they deserve the higher overall.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of Madden 19‘s week one “big movers.”

Madden NFL 19

Week 1 Big Winners

New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara only rushed for 29 yards in week one, but he did score two touchdowns on the ground. He really excelled in the passing game with 112 receiving yards and a touchdown catch. That performance earned him a two-point overall increase (88 to 90), mostly due to a six-point bump in Awareness. Interestingly, his speed dropped a point (90 to 89).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was also a big winner this week thanks to his four-touchdown performance against the Saints. Filling in for the suspended Jameis Winston, Fitzpatrick flung the ball up and down the field for 417 yards, and even had a rushing touchdown. His surprise performance earned him a two-point overall increase (72 to 75).  Fitzpatrick saw increases in Throw Power (87 to 88), Throw Accuracy Short (85 to 87), Throw Accuracy Mid (79 to 80) and Throw Accuracy Deep (73 to 75). He also saw gains in a few rushing categories.

Another big mover was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 256 yards and four touchdowns in a win over the Chargers. Mahomes’s overall jumped three points (79 to 82). Much of that can be attributed to a seven-point gain in Awareness (71 to 78). He also saw gains in Throw Accuracy Short (83 to 84), Throw Accuracy Mid (78 to 79), Throw Accuracy Deep (81 to 82), and Throw on the Run (84 to 87)

Other notable winners in week one include:

  • Texans FS Kareem Jackson: 80 to 83 overall
  • Eagles LE Chris Long: 81 to 83 overall
  • Steelers WR Justin Hunter: 72 to 74 overall

Week 1 Big Losers

Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis was easily week one’s biggest loser, dropping six overall points (78 to 72). Davis was inactive for Sunday’s blowout loss to the Ravens, which obviously isn’t good. But is being inactive enough to drop him six points? In any case, Davis saw his rating drop in Man Coverage (75 to 71), Zone Coverage (78 to 74) and Play Recognition (76 to 61).

After Oakland’s performance on Sunday, I’m not surprised to see two players top this list. quarterback Derek Carr dropped two overall points (83 to 81), while strong safety Karl Joseph dropped a whopping six overall points (83 to 77). Carr threw three interceptions against the Rams, so it’s no surprise to see his Throw Accuracy Short and Deep downgraded a point. His Throw Under Pressure rating also decreased by one. Joseph didn’t necessarily stick out in Sunday’s game, but that’s because he only played seven snaps. He entered the game only after Marcus Gilchrist exited with an injury.

The Detroit Lions also suffered big losses after Sunday’s atrocious showing against the Jets. Matthew Stafford, LeGarrette Blount and Ameer Abdullah all received deserved decreases in their overall.  Blount was the biggest loser, dropping four overall points (87 to 84). The running back saw decreases in Ball Carrier Vision (87 to 85), Stiff Arm Rating (93 to 90) and Trucking (97 to 96). Stafford dropped two overall points (85 to 83) with decreases in Awareness (82 to 76), Throw Accuracy Short (87 to 85) and Throw on the Run (88 to 86). Lastly, Ameer Abdullah (82 to 78) dropped four overall points as well.

Other notable losers in week one include:

  • New York Giants HB Jonathan Stewart: 83 to 81 overall
  • Oakland Raiders LG Kelechi Osemele: 90 to 87 overall
  • Oakland Raiders RT Donald Penn: 86 to 84 overall

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