Gamerusher MapleStory 2 Guide - MAPLESTORY 2 Official Launch October 10th

MapleStory 2 is almost here! As we get closer to Official Launch, the MapleStory 2 team is working hard to make sure everything is ready for the big day. We'd like to dive into the schedule of what's coming over the next month-plus to make sure everyone's up to speed!

MapleStory 2 Guild

Live Now: Reserve Your Name and Mushking Royale Pre-Season

Right now, you can download MapleStory 2 through the Nexon Launcher and reserve your favorite name for free by creating a character in Mushking Royale! This character will be carried over when MapleStory 2 launches, retaining their class, appearance and any items you've earned or created.

MapleStory 2 Guild

And speaking of items to earn, the Mushking Royale Pre-Season is still going strong! You can win Founder's Packs by playing, get special outfits and other cosmetic items, and experiment with the powerful UGC outfit creator, so that your pre-made character looks as good as possible when MapleStory 2 arrives!

September 24th: Official Launch Registration Event
Starting September 24th, we're going to have a special registration event, with exclusive prizes for those that sign up! There'll be more news to come about it, so keep an eye on the MapleStory 2 website or social media feeds when the special day arrives!

October 1st: Head Start Begins
On October 1st, MapleStory 2 will begin an exclusive Head Start period, where those that have purchased or otherwise acquired Founder's Packs will be able to get into MapleStory 2 early to level up, explore Maple World, battle monsters and more! If you don't have a Founder's Pack, you can still reserve your name and enjoy Mushking Royale, as the special game mode enters Season 1.

Founder's Pack rewards will also be distributed once Head Start begins, and those without Founder's Packs will still be able to purchase them to gain instant access to MapleStory 2. We've been working on a large number of changes and improvements to make your adventures in Maple World even better, and there are many more changes to come...

October 10th: Official Launch

October 10th is the big day, when the waiting ends as MapleStory 2 officially launches, free for all players! This update will not just let in everyone to play, but we'll be releasing a massive update as well, increasing the Level Cap to Lv. 60, introducing Karkar Island with new monsters to defeat and dungeons to explore, and introducing the brand new Runeblade class!

We're less than five weeks away from that special day, and more information will be coming soon about everything in store for when this new dimension of Maple World is finally in your hands!