Gamerusher Rainbow Six Siege News - RAINBOW SIX: SEAT DETAILS ITS NEXT UPDATE!

The next update to Rainbow Six: Siege will be available this September 18, and adds minor bugfixes and tweaks, including bans after killing one of its allies.


If you eliminate a teammate for the first time, you will be excluded for 30 minutes, not just ejected from the game. Initially, if a player was eliminated by a team-mate in Simple game, the culprit was ejecting the game. In Game Ranked, the result was the same, but the ejected player was also given a dropout penalty. This created confusion because the sanction for a team elimination seemed to be different in part ranked and partly singles.

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First foul: 30 minutes of exclusion from matchmaking
Second foul: 1 hour exclusion from matchmaking
Third foul: 2 hours of exclusion from matchmaking
Fourth foul: 24 hours of exclusion from matchmaking
Fifth foul: 7 days of exclusion from matchmaking



Fixed - [PC] [XB1] It was not possible to make a melee attack for a short time after lying down.
Fixed - Players could pass the defibrillator through the walls.
Fix - Throwing C4 on an electrical wall will no longer destroy nitro on contact.



Fixed - The sockets were ejected forward with the AR-15.50.


Fixed - The Clash Shield could be deployed in a squat position.
Fixed - Clash's AEE Shield could cross his arm and pistol.
Fixed - Clash could fire before his weapon appeared on the screen.
Fixed - In the equipment menu, Clash's AEE Shield pendants were not in the same place as during a session.
Fixed - When a player was eliminated by the AEE Shield, the generic elimination icon would appear instead of the taser shield icon.
Fixed - [PC] [XB1] Clash's AEE Shield passed through barricades partially destroyed during a rotation.


Fixed - If the attackers let go of the starter, Smoke could move it by throwing his gadget on it.



Fixed - Players could throw their gadgets outside during the preparation phase from the floor of the 1st Toilets area.


Fixed - Inconsistency between the thumbnail and Grim Sky Combat Uniform preview for Buck.
Fixed - The "set as active" option was available for items not purchased.
Fixed - Error message in the pop-up window when two-factor authentication was enabled.
Fixed - While loading the title, repeatedly pressing the Enter key would cause the two-factor authentication pop-up to appear on the screen.
Corrected - All the pendants of the Six Major Paris had a generic model of pendant.

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