Gamerusher Rainbow Six Siege News - Ubisoft Berlin officially opened

CEO Yves Guillemot came to Berlin to celebrate the opening of Ubisoft Berlin with its staff and 100 guests.

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The branch has been in operation for several months, but the new capital studio officially opened on September 25. Managing Director Benedict GRINDEL and Studio Director Istvan Tajnay welcome Charlottenburg in Berlin in addition to many industry representatives and several special guests, including Ubisoft's founder and CEO Yves Gilmotte, Digital Secretary of State Dorothy Bar (CSU) and Berlin Economy Minister Christian Rickers.

Bell claims to be a "passionate part-time gamer" who praises the industry's innovation relevance to other industries. "The game industry is a digital avant-garde. That's why Ubisoft is expanding its German foothold. We need more. Our goal is to implement game promotion, and I have made a firm commitment in the alliance agreement as soon as possible."

Ubisoft Berlin officially opened: 150 employees will be available by 2020
Ubisoft Berlin is now the third store of Ubisoft Blue Byte - except Düsseldorf headquarters (230 employees) and Ubisoft Blue Byte Mainz (100 employees).

Although Düsseldorf is producing a new version of "Die Siedler", the completion of the "Anno 1800" is the focus of Mainz. The accumulation strategy game is scheduled to be released in February 2019.

Ubisoft Berlin (deliberately does not include the name "Blue Byte"), however, the wider foundation and building materials of the International Ubisoft Studio with "Crysis of the Far Cry", For Honor" or "Rainbow Six Siege" parts - almost To expand the workbench. Therefore, the team is part of Ubisoft's collaborative development concept, which supports leading subsidiaries from other regions. Unlike colleagues in Düsseldorf and Mainz, Berlin has not yet launched its own competition.

The city of Berlin subsidized the settlement with 1.58 million euros. By 2020, the studio is expected to increase from the current 60 employees to 150. For Ubisoft Berlin will Wooga's second largest game publisher in the capital.