Gamerusher Rainbow Six Siege News - Ubisoft will not hesitate to veto toxic players in Rainbow Six Siege

A couple of months ago, Ubisoft hardened its bail policies at Rainbow Six Siege. Specifically, those users of the game who use foul language in the games will be punished and vetoed instantaneously, since they consider that maintaining an ecosystem of respect in the game is necessary for their well-being. And, now, they have emphasized that they will not hesitate to continue doing so.

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In an interview with the PC Gamer portal, Alexandre Remy, director of the production, commented on the fact that the banning system is evolving. In more detail, he shared: "The veto system is getting stronger, and we feel very confident about it. The system will also evolve. Today, the system means that any player who uses homophobic or racist jargon in our chat will automatically be banned temporarily. After three temporary vetoes, a permanent one is received. "

"This is a very, very strong position of Ubisoft regarding how we want to deal with the toxicity in the game. This mechanics will evolve while we continue developing in the future, and we plan to adhere filters to stop these words from even appearing in the chat, so it will be a little more flexible, "he continued.

"We do not regret banning toxic players," he admitted, emphasizing that there is a zero tolerance policy with this class of users. Therefore, we hope that the Rainbow Six Siege community will continue to live in a secure environment, which is vital for a multiplayer.

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