Jaeger in Escape from Tarkov - How to unlock, wares, and other details

Jaeger is an NPC in Escape from Tarkov who specializes in weapons and ammunition trading. Escape from Tarkov witnessed a massive splurge in terms of Twitch viewers towards the end of last year. This has led to many new players joining Escape from Tarkov.

Understandably, new players won't have access to most of the in-game add-ons that veteran players have. One in-game NPC, who is extremely handy for such players, is Jaeger. The arms and ammunition trader deals in Post-Soviet Bloc Weapons and hideout resources. Players can also get their weapons modified by Jaeger. However, players will need to follow a series of steps in-game to unlock Jaeger in Escape from Tarkov.

Jaeger in Escape from Tarkov
To unlock Jaeger in Escape from Tarkov, players will need to complete the Gunsmith Part 1 Mechanic quests and the Introduction Mechanic quest.

The series of steps that players then need to follow to unlock Jaeger are:

Players need to at least be at level 10 before they can access the Mechanic's quests.Once the quests are unlocked, complete the "Gunsmith Part 1" quest. Collect three Elite Pliers and trade them for an MP133 shotgun from the mechanic. After receiving the shotgun, modify the shotgun according to the mechanic's specifications. Once the modifications are done, the quest will be complete.After this, start another quest from the mechanic, called "Introduction." This quest requires the player to extract a note from the Woods map. This note can be found under a small structure near the fallen aircraft. Players need to extract themselves from the raid once they have collected the note. Taking the note back to the mechanic after successful extraction will grant the player access to Jaeger.
Following these steps in Escape from Tarkov will allow players to unlock Jaeger in-game. The wares that Jaeger has on offer in-game are: Post-Soviet Bloc weaponsAmmunitionsMagazinesHideout resourcesWeapon modifications

Additionally, the items that Jaeger has on offer change with every "Loyalty Level." Loyalty levels can be earned by upgrading the in-game level and reputation. Making in-game purchases from Jaeger also helps in progressing the in-game loyalty level.

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