Madden 19 Ultimate Team Offensive Color Rush players and new House Rules disappoint once more

Following six days of teasing, EA finally revealed the second portion of the Madden 19 Color Smash promo, this time featuring 19 players on the offensive side of the ball for PS4, Xbox One and PC users in Madden Ultimate Team.
While the main offensive master, Melvin Gordon, sports some promising attributes, the four 97 overall cards are downright dreadful - to the point where Color Smash may go down as one of the worst received promos in MUT history to start after April.
Along with the dreary offensive candidates, an uneventful House Rules ruleset has elicited negative feedback from at least one main MUT content provider, doubling-down on the troublesome decisions displayed as of late.
Look, there’s nothing wrong with the former Wisconsin product receiving a 99 overall item, as Gordon vastly outperformed expectations during the 2018 season, tallying over 1,600 total yards and 12 touchdowns. There just isn’t much of a need for a running back to be such a feature member of a given program considering the past two promos also featured RBs as the ultimate prize (Chris Johnson/NFL Combine, LeVeon Bell/NFL FA)
It’s frustrating to continue stating the obvious week in and week out, but if this is what the Power-Up program is about, EA seriously needs to rethink the gameplan for Madden 20.

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