Madden 20: QB1 mode will save Madden’s single-player campaign efforts

With the introduction of the new Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode, Madden 20 will be the game that revitalizes the franchise.

There is no doubt that the Madden franchise was missing something. They may be the best football video game franchise ever, but they were lagging behind other prominent sports games. Madden 20 changes all of that.

All great sports games have a quality career mode. MLB The Show has Road to the Show, NBA 2K has MyPlayer, and FIFA had The Journey. These career modes were exceptionally well done and gave fans hope that even better things could come in later installments.

Madden was struggling in this area. They attempted to make a compelling career mode with Longshot, but this was a failure. Your decisions didn’t really matter in the end, and the story was too short.

With everything we are hearing about the upcoming QB1 mode, I cannot wait to pick up Madden 20. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited to get a Madden game. Hopefully, Madden 20 won’t let us down.

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