MapleStory M Guild Guide - Attendance, Banquet, Skills


To reap the maximum benefits from MapleStory M guild attendance, each member requires to click the guild attendance button and click attendance check. The rewards listed below is dependent on the amount of guild members who checked in.

  • 5 players – Daily Dungeon Entry Ticket
  • 10 players – Mini Dungeon Entry Ticket
  • 15 players – Elite Dungeon Entry Ticket
  • 20 players – Mu Lung Dungeon Entry Ticket
  • 25 players – Nett’s Pyramid Entry Ticket
  • 30 players – Fever Buff Charge Ticket
  • 35 players – 50,000 Mesos
  • 40 players – Auto-Battle Charge Ticket (10min)
  • 45 players – 200 Gold Leaf
  • 48 players – Red Cube


To participate in the Guild Banquet, you need to enter via Guild Hideout. The Guild Banquet resets everyday and the duration of the banquet lasts 30 minutes. Only the Guild master and Guild Submaster can open a banquet. The guild members should decide on the timing for everyone to benefit from this Banquet. To gain EXP from Guild Banquet, particpants must be online and inside it (either idle or chatting around with other guild members) The EXP obtained from Guild Banquet is determined based on your character level.

At Level 30, Guild Banquet rewards 44,640 EXP ( 188.83%)
At Level 46, Guild Banquet rewards 288,360 EXP (110.82%)
At Level 102, Guild Banquet rewards 9,119,437 EXP (15.29%)
At Level 110, Guild Banquet rewards 17,334,708 EXP
At Level 105, Guild Banquet rewards 9,223,452 EXP (6.41%)


There are a few guild skills that you can benefit from joining a MapleStory M guild. You can use the following skill by clicking “Use Skill” on this skill you would like to use. It resets everyday. Make sure you’re guild master has already level up the skill in order for you to use the following guild skill. And its free to use.

  • Meso Acquisition Rate Increase
  • Exp Acquisition Rate Increase
  • PHY/MAG DMG Increase
  • SPD Increase
  • General Store Discount


The Guildmaster has the ability to appoint a Submaster or transfer the leadership to another player. To accessed this feature, click “Manage Guild” and press “Appoint ‘ on an individual. Currently the Submaster only can host Guild Banquet. Guildmaster can only appoint two Submaster.

MapleStory M Guild


To see the amount of GP contributed by each guild member, look at the player’s GP. Below is a list of methods to earn Guild Points (GP). Do dailies, boss raids with your fellow guild members!

  • Leveling up (20 GP per level)
  • Daily Dungeon (15 GP per entry)
  • Mu Lung Dojo (15 GP per entry)
  • Elite Dungeon (15 GP per entry)
  • Nett’s Pyramid (15 GP per entry)
  • Zakum’s Expedition ( 15 GP per entry)
  • Mini Dungeon (15 GP per entry)


How long do I need to wait to re-join another guild after being kicked out or left a guild?
After getting kicked or leaving a guild , you will need to wait 24H before joining/applying to another guild.

Does EXP buffs stack with the banquet?

How many people can you have in a guild?
Not sure what is the max level for guild. Highest I’ve seen is 13, max member for a lvl 13 guild is 43 (20 as base + 10 from guild slots expansion in guild skill tab + 13 from lvl 13 guild)

What is the number under guild name?
When you’re searching a guild , you can search the guild by its name or the guild ID. It’s easier to search the guild using guild ID . E.g Some guild have characters that you can’t type using your keyboard .

Where do you think is the best use for Guild SP (Skill Points)?
ALWAYS use ur guild sp to expand ur guild slots. Afterwards , its up to you and your guildmates but i recommend you to get EXP / DMG

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