MLB The Show 19 Player Ratings Revealed For Top 3 At Each Position

The latest MLB The Show live stream was jampacked with information about the upcoming 2019 release. One of the main points of conversation was the new MLB The Show 19 player ratings. The ratings are a huge part of MLB The Show, and this season we have seen a few changes!

MLB The Show 19 Player Ratings

One rating that jumps out compared to this time last season is Bryce Harper’s. Harper, the 2019 cover athlete, lost his No. 1 ranking as the top right fielder to Mookie Betts – and by a pretty wide margin.

Betts comes into 2019 with a 92 rating. As stressed by the creators during last evening’s live stream, the rating systems have changed compared to seasons past. Betts’ strong fielding ability, not to mention his great year at the plate has catapulted him to one of the top MLB The Show 19 player ratings this season.

Top 3 by position breakdown

So which players are ranking at or near the top as gamers prepare for the latest release of MLB The Show 19? Below is a total break down for each position. With under two and counting until the release of MLB The Show 19, let the debating begin!

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