MLB The Show 19 Release Date And 15 Things You Should Know About The Game

In 7 days, MLB The Show 19 will be available exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4. March 26 is the release date and we've seen just about every new thing Sony San Diego Studios has to offer with the upcoming release from the highly regarded baseball franchise.
In case you missed it, here is a look at the 6 most important things you should know about the game–good and bad.
New Legends
There are 30 new legends coming to the game highlighted by Willie Mays, Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Andruw Jones, Ivan Rodriguez, Rob Dibble, Kerry Wood, and Mark Prior. Each year, The Show brings in a new batch of legends.
Unlike most sports video games that incorporate legends, The Show's legends are playable in all modes. That's refreshing.
No Create-A-Ballpark
What's not refreshing is the fact that the game still doesn't feature a create-a-ballpark feature. Literally, for years I've been writing about this absence, and I have no plans to stop pounding the drum. It's an obvious improvement and feature needed to completely flesh out several modes, but it's being left out and worst of all, Sony San Diego isn't offering an explanation for its absence.
New Mode - March To October
There is a new season mode of sorts coming to The Show. It's called March to October and it allows you to take control of any team in the league similar to the way you would in a season or franchise mode. Instead of playing every game or manually choosing different sim and player lock options, you are prompted to play the key moments in your season.
Something similar exists in a few other sports video game series, but MTO is different because the outcome of your moments affects the simulation results. Therefore, you can push your team to overachieve by playing well in key moments that range from full control, full-game scenarios to player lock and short game situations.
No Relocation in Franchise Mode
MTO sounds pretty cool, but franchise mode in The Show still looks to be a little lacking when compared to some of the top iterations of the concept. One thing missing is the ability to relocate a team. This ties in with the absence of create-a-ballpark, and it isn't the last item on my list relating to missing features in franchise mode.
Carry-Over Saves Return
To this day, one of the best franchise mode features ever is The Show's carry-over saves option. No other sports video game has it. That feature returns in MLB The Show 19.
No Expansion Teams in Franchise Mode
Another missing franchise mode feature is league expansion. Somehow, the folks at 2K have found a way to implement this within their franchise modes, but Sony is still lagging behind.
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