NBA 2K21 Sale Part of Early Prime Day Deals 2020

The current-generation version of NBA 2K21 is now available at a super low price. Thanks to Amazon’s early Prime Day deals for 2020, gamers can pick up a copy of the game for either Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft Xbox One at considerable savings. Here are more details on how to score the latest basketball simulation title for over $20 off the price it was available for at release date.

Early Prime Day 2020 deals include NBA 2K21 sale
Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 deals are set to arrive as of midnight for October 13 and last through Wednesday, October 14. However, the pre-sales day hype has taken over. Amazon has a number of games available for discounted prices including their NBA 2K21 deal for PS4 or Xbox One.

As of Monday, October 12, the early Prime Day deals included NBA 2K21 for a price of $34.99 shipped. That’s for a physical copy of the 2K basketball simulation on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. It means waiting a bit until you get your hands on it, but it’s a much better deal than the original $59.99 Standard price.

Standard vs. Next-gen edition details
As of this report, Amazon is offering the Mamba Forever Edition at a price of under $100 for either PS4 or Xbox One. That will allow gamers to play the game on their current-generation console, and includes a free next-gen version of the game for the same brand console they upgrade to.

So for example, if someone gets the Mamba Forever Edition for PlayStation 4, they’ll automatically get the game for PlayStation 5 (assuming they buy the new console to play it). The same goes for the Xbox One, as gamers who get the game on that console, will get the Next-Gen Edition for Xbox Series X/S.

The next-generation consoles arrive in mid-November, just in time for the holiday season. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X comes out on November 10, with the lower-priced Xbox Series X also arriving that day. Sony’s new PlayStation 5 arrives on November 12. There will be a Standard PS5 which plays discs and a lower-priced digital-only edition of the console.

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