NBA2K21: All Available Locker Codes (January 2021)

A new year means new Locker Codes for players to claim in NBA 2K21. This guide will provide a list of active codes for the month of January 2021. Locker Codes are limited-time codes that players can collect for a variety of collectible packs and items. Some of these may include cards, IDOLs, and various other items players will want to complete their collection with. NBA 2K21 is a very social game, meaning new codes are filtered in and out of the game every few weeks to keep players on top of things. Some of the codes come along with expiration dates that don't last more than a week so make sure to stay on top of them. Here is a list of all the currently active codes for January 2021.

NBA 2K21 is the premiere basketball simulator series. Players can customize their own team or play as some of their favorite teams from the NBA. Depending on how the teams performed throughout the year will determine the team's stats in the game for that year. It's going to be an interesting one in the following year when stats are based on a broken, COVID-19 basketball season but regardless, that next game will release later next year. Here are all the active Locker Codes for January 2021 in NBA 2K21.

All Active January 2021 Locker Codes In NBA 2K21
BEST-OF-2K-21-DROP: Draft, Flash 3 or 4, Possessed, IDOLS Series 1 KD or Grant Hill Pack (Expires April 1).
MyTEAM-JAYCANADA-3RQM2: Free Random Pack.
MAGIC-JOHNSON-IDOLS-1: IDOLS Series 1: Magic, Grant Hill, KD, Dominique Wilkins, or Manu Ginobili (Expires January 7).
MYTEAM-KILLZAMOI-6BKG2: Free Random Pack (Expires January 8).
MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB:1 Token, Shoe, Contract, or Basketball Pack.
NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTION: PD AI, Ja Morant, Contract, or Shoe (Expires January 8).
SEASON-3-PETTIT-HARDEN: Season 3 Bob Pettit, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, or Jason Richardson Pack (Expires January 6).
SLAM-IT-HOME-LAVINE: Season 3 Jayson Tatum, Zach LaVine, Joel Embiid, Devin Booker Pack (Expires January 3).

New codes are typically made available from their official social media accounts or with collaborations with Twitch and YouTube creators. It's really something special to see the game supporting the community surrounding it. While this is one of those annual franchises that doesn't really change throughout each entry, the minor changes are enough to bring in millions of new players every year. It continues to entertain its audience. This is still one of the best basketball experiences in the gaming world.

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