Neverwinter Developers Detail Undermountain Changes Coming to Rogues & Barbarians

As Cryptic Studios has been showing over the past couple of weeks, big changes are in store for Neverwinter players when the Undermountain content expansion launches later this spring. In a pair of new blog posts on the Neverwinter site, devs lay out the changes to both the Rogue and Barbarian classes.

The Barbarian, once known as the Great Weapon Fighter, will continue to be a "frontline combat" specialist but with some "exciting new powers thrown into the mix". 

  • Barbarians will still be able to wield a 2-handed weapon and wear heavy armor
  • the Sentinel Feat Tree "will be reimagined as a full tank paragon path for Barbarians"
  • Blademaster Barbarians will have the unstoppable mechanic called battlerage using the resource "rage"
  • Sentinel Barbarian will also be "unstoppable" but without offensive bonuses while upping block bonuses

Rogues will continue to be "powerful damage" dealers with two paragon paths:

  • Assassins use powerful attacks like Assassinate which is more damaging if behind the target. They will also be able to poison blades
  • Whisperknife uses misdirection to take down enemies. They are skill at close combat and at range with Shurikens that can hit 3 enemies at once

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