Neverwinter is Headed to the Undermountain in Next Expansion

Things are about to get very hairy in Neverwinter as the game will take on one of Dungeons & Dragon‘s biggest dungeons with The Undermountain. Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced this morning that this spring, they will be riding the bucket down in the Yawning Portal and going into the dungeon of the Mad Mage as they will present the biggest expansion to the game yet with a massive multilayered dungeon ripped from D&D lore. The expansion will have five new adventure zones with a level cap increase with challenges that are not for the timid and will put your characters to the test. Undermountain will go live in the Neverwinter preview server on March 1st, but no word yet on when it will be part of the main game. For now, enjoy these pics and the trailer!

An unknown force beckons the people of the Forgotten Realms to the halls of Undermountain with visions of their deepest desires. Through a magical portal hidden along the Sword Coast, adventurers must seek a truth far more sinister. Renowned Waterdeep taproom, the Yawning Portal, acts as a hub for players looking to delve deeper into the hallowed halls shaped by Halaster Blackcloak’s twisted mind. Team up with Durnan – proprietor of the Yawning Portal – Celeste, as well as uneasy allies to uncover the wicked machinations at work below Mount Waterdeep.

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