Some Nice Changes Are Coming to F2P Star Wars: The Old Republic Players

When the next Star Wars: The Old Republic update rolls out in July, it's going to come with some pretty decent updates to the free-to-play and preferred programs. Most notably, players will be able to save up to a million Credits. In addition, Preferred players will have access to five quickbars and F2P players will have access to three. Lastly, every SWTOR player in the game will be able to fast travel and revive anywhere those are applicable.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic there are three different ways players are able to enjoy the game - as a Subscriber, Free-to-Play, or Preferred.


While the team is hard at work revising some systems for the ‘Onslaught’ Expansion, we also wanted to show some love to the Free-to-Play and Preferred players. Most notably these changes will be to the credit cap, Quickbar, Medical Probe, and Quick Travel limitations. Let’s take a look at some of the quality of life changes coming for these players.


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