Survival Mode is Coming to Fallout 76 Next Week

The Bethesda Blog has been updated with a new Fallout 76 article to preview Survival Mode that will be present in the game starting March 26th. This is a separate game mode from the main game and features much fewer PvP restrictions. In addition, there will be scoreboards so players can keep track of their kill streaks and weekly challenges that will award "legendary rewards".
When a player enters the game, they will choose between Adventure Mode or Survival Beta. Adventure Mode will have reduced damage inflicted on players by other players they are not hostile with. Survival Mode changes up PvP combat, death and respawn mechanics and offers players a +20% bonus to XP.
While in Survival Mode, players can continue their journey through the game, though they can be attacked by other players and vice versa. The only time other players will appear on the map is if they are "Wanted" or in the top 3 on the Longest Life" scoreboard. Players will score 2x Caps for every kill and the defeated player will drop "all of their junk as well as a random amount of the aid items they were carrying". These things can be looted by anyone in the area.
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