On Tuesday July 16 BioWare is releasing Game Update 5.10.4 to Star Wars: The Old Republic. This is a rather small patch in terms of content and because of that it bears no title. The highlight include a secret surprise on Odessen and the previously announced F2P and Preferred Players Changes!

Game Update 5.10.4 was teased more than a month ago. It turned out to be a small content update and more of a large patch with bug fixes and various issues being corrected.

Not long ago BioWare announced the upcoming changes to Free-to-play and Preferred players. In the eyes of someone (me), who has been a subscriber all these long seven years (and a half), these changes seemed quite big and positive. The community countered me pretty well, though. The Credit cap limit being moved up to 1 million credits is nice on paper, but today’s game economy will swallow that “upgrade” in no time. The other two new features you can read about in the linked news article above, but it turned out that they too don’t seem too appealing to players to make them return and give another try.

Now, the interesting part of 5.10.4! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about it at this time, because we still have a good 20-ish hours until the patch goes live and the patch notes list the second highlight of this update in the most curious and bold way: ” ????? –There are reports of mysterious observers being spotted around the Odessen base…”. Go figure, mm?

In my opinion this is going to be another small and short cinematic experience that will play the role of a filler while we wait for the big stuff happening in Onslaught.

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