BioWare continues with the previews of upcoming changes to some of the basic and advanced classes that are expected to happen with the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion called Onslaught. Game Update 6.0 brings Spoils of War, which is a brand new gearing system premiering this September. In today’s forum post(s) community Manager Eric Musco revealed the Sith Warrior new set bonuses as well as the Sith Marauder’s new ability.

The long-awaited 6.0 expansion to SWTOR arrives this September (or so the announcementsays for now). The new gearing system, called Spoils of War brings a much desired versatility and freedom to play the characters and classes exactly the way you want and build their combat skills to match your preferred play style.

Last week community manager for SWTOR Eric Musco posted several large forum posts revealing interesting details about the Sith Inquisitor class and its advanced classes Assassin and Sorcerer. This week my favorite Empire Class and Story – the Warrior – steps up!

You will be able to test them soon, when the Public Test server opens up. Right now BioWare is still not ready to allow anybody outside the studio to play around with the new Spoils of War, but they are at least willing to share ahead of time the planned changes. 

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