We put Colin Kaepernick on every NFL team in Madden 21. Here's what happened

Colin Kaepernick has been out of the NFL since 2016, but he's continued to express his desire to play in the NFL. Since no real-life teams want to sign him, we thought it'd be interesting to see what would happen if they did. So we loaded up Madden NFL 21 and put Kaepernick on every NFL team. We made him the starting quarterback and simulated the 2020 season for all 32 franchises.

This was made possible thanks to EA Sports putting Kaepernick back in Madden. Kaepernick was out of Madden following the 2016 season as he was not included in the group licensing agreement, which is negotiated through the NFLPA. In other words, Madden lost the rights to his likeness and therefore could not use him in the game. However, leading up to the launch of Madden 21, EA Sports and Kaepernick reached a deal that would allow the video game franchise to use his likeness, as reported by ESPN's The Undefeated.

So now that Kaepernick is back in Madden, let's see what he does.
Colin Kaepernick on every NFL team: The rules
Before we dive in to what happened, we should go over the basic rules behind this experiment.
No user gameplay, only simulation
6 minute quarters
All-Madden difficulty
Simulation style
Injuries turned off
Trades turned off
Free agent signings turned off

We should also go over some other things you should know about this. For starters, to add Kaepernick to a team means we must release a player from each team. For this, we just released whoever the backup quarterback was on each respective team.

Another thing to know is Kaepernick is one of the best rushing quarterbacks in Madden, but you won't see many rushing stats by him. This is because Madden very poorly simulates quarterbacks with rushing abilities and practically never scrambles with them in a simulation game.

Colin Kaepernick on every NFL team: How it was done
If you're curious about the ins and outs of this experiment then I'll explain. If not, just continue scrolling to get to the results. To set this up I simply created an offline franchise and took over as the coach for every NFL team. I did this to ensure there would be no roster moves made by any teams throughout the season. It also allowed me to easily go through each team at the end of the season.

For this experiment, I'd sign Kaepernick to a team at the start of the season, make him the starting quarterback, simulate to the playoffs, record his stats and simulate to the Super Bowl. I'd then back out and re-enter the franchise from the start of the season and simply repeat with each team. A small note, I had to turn salary cap off because some teams were unable to sign Kaepernick due to financial restrictions.

Colin Kaepernick on every NFL team: The results
For the most part, Kaepernick was successful overall as the quarterback for every team. There were obviously some cases where the talent around him made it impossible to find too much success. But there were a few cases where Kaepernick was unable to shine despite having a talented roster.

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