There’s a good chance that you or someone you know is currently swept up in the whimsical joys of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Last March, Nintendo released the fifth installment of its wildly popular “social stimulation video game,” which puts players on a deserted island, and lets them build a community from the ground up. The pleasures are simple and sweet: shake trees to see what falls out, go fishing, talk to an owl. It’s the opposite of stressful, which explains why Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become one of the breakout stars of quarantine, with legions of anxious people flocking to its calm and reassuring shores, just to hang out. And because of the game’s ability to let users customize their own designs, Animal Crossing has turned into a hub for creatives in search of a new outlet. Below, we asked some of our favorite designers, artists, and musicians, about what the game has meant to them.

“I started playing because I heard they came out with this new version. I had never played before but I love games like The Sims so I thought maybe this would be similar in some ways. I love gardening, watering my flowers, and trying to grow hybrids. I feel the most calm when watering my virtual flowers.”

“I think it really helps the community stay connected and relate to each other by sharing a mutual hobby. A friend told me to join her and it’s kind of an addictive game. Beware. You’re able to play different roles like a fisherman, interior designer, and fashion icon at the same time. It’s cool how you have a multiplayer option and you can visit other islands and friends while you aren’t able to in real life right now. During the weekend I literally don’t touch my phone and I smoke much less, both hands are busy.”

“I started playing the game because I knew I’d have a lot of extra time on my hands in the months ahead, so I guess I did it to prepare for what was to come. I’m also one of those people that don’t necessarily believe that doing something every minute of the day is productive. Being productive also means doing nothing. My favorite thing about playing the game is dressing up my character, decorating my home, and planting a bunch of flowers. I also love seeing the sunset turn everything vibrant orange and pink.”

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