Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons Attracts Millions of Players?

It is time to answer an age old question. A lot many players over the world has always wondered what is it with Animal Crossing. The life simulation game enjoys a massive fan following, but the real question is why?
The first Animal Crossing title was released way back in 2001. The game has exclusively been developed and published for Nintendo consoles; with the latest titles being made for Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing series has been critically and commercially successful and has an active fan base.
What is the hype behind Animal Crossing?

Now, the plot behind the game is simple. So, simple, several may even ask why it exists. In every game, players start off inhabiting a place. They then collect, and build. Well, you can collect various items, catch various things and on top of that, there is actual seasons according to your time zones.

But how is the game different? Well, there is no ending to the game. There are no missions you can complete like in other games. You can complete achievements but there ends the competitive integrity of Animal Crossing.
Maybe that is why there are many to play the game. For a certain amount of players, it could be a getaway from reality; a world where you can calm yourself by doing close to nothing. The backdrop of the game is calming and for those group of people, it is just what they are looking for. End of the day, you do what’s best for your character and village.
You can spend your money on in-game items and many do so. Completing achievements are relaxing and motivating, like any other game. However, what is the point of playing a game that has no ending?

This very game has attracted many celebrities and other personalities to take up the game. In fact, some of the most famous persons in the world are in partnerships to promote the game even further. All that has actually attracted others to try out the game.

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