Why Madden 21 Ratings Are Changing

Because Madden NFL 21 is marketed as a simulation football game, developers aim to make the title as realistic as possible. One of the key features that highlight their effort to incorporate realism into the game are the roster updates that change player and team ratings based on how the NFL season is progressing. If the star Quarterback of a team is having a bad season statically, their ratings will go down in the game. Likewise, if a star Quarterback is having a great season, then their ratings can go up throughout the season. That means the 99 Club, the best players in Madden 21, can see their ratings go down if they don’t perform at their usual high level.
Not only do roster updates change player ratings based on what’s going on in the NFL, but they also keep the game up to date when it comes to trades, releases, and signings. If a player is traded to another team, released, or signed by a team, a roster update will reflect that. It typically doesn’t take long for roster updates to come out, so fans don’t have to wait long to play with new acquisitions on their favorite team.
Changes in ratings are made by Head Madden Ratings Adjustor Dustin Smith. It also appears that EA will be releasing weekly player ratings updates on the Madden 21 website. This website features the ratings for every player in the game as well as every rating that is increased or decreased from week to week. If EA does not plan on doing this every week, then it’ll likely be done every time something big happens in the NFL this season.

How Injuries Affect Player Ratings In Madden
Player performance isn’t the only thing that contributes to changes in player ratings in Madden 21. Injuries also play a big role in the integration of realism in the game. If a player gets injured during the NFL season, Madden will update the game to mimic the real life injury. Players who are injured and cannot play in real life will also not be able to play in-game. Their ratings will also drop significantly depending on the severity of their injury, and the team's overall rating may also see a slight decrease. This means injuries and player performance can also effect the ratings of the best teams in Madden 21.
While rating changes and roster updates likely appeal to everyone in the Madden community, the use of real life injuries may not be appealing to all players. The inclusion of injuries that prevent NFL players from playing in-game could be a feature that franchise players may be a fan of, as it incorporates realism into the game and building a team that is riddled with injuries could make for an interesting challenge in Madden's franchise mode. Regardless of the appeal, injuries are a part of football, so it makes sense for a simulation football game to incorporate it.

Football is an unpredictable game. Teams who have big expectations and aspirations can end up being terrible. Likewise, teams who have no expectations at all can surprise everyone and have a successful season. Players can have a breakout year, or they can struggle with their game or injuries. It’s all a part of the game. So players of Madden NFL 21 shouldn’t be surprised to see those same up and downs when they play the digital version.

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